Sunday, 19 May 2013

Home is in the Espresso Pot!

There's nothing like a Sunday stroll when the weather's fine and you happen to stumble upon a Craft Fair (Via Mazzini). I was immediately drawn to a stall with brightly coloured moka pots decorated as windwills and castles at the robbyarte stand. I was very surprised when I peered inside and found dollhouse chairs and tables inside! The cosiness of a little living room inside a cafetiere was just irresistible!

Naturally, I was attracted to the pieces which were based on Italian dishes and confectionery, of which there were many. The colourful Coffoland stall was so pretty and the lady so welcoming that I wanted to share the delights from her stall. Being very proud of its culinary heritage, it's no surprise that the Bolognese speciality Tortellini pops up in a local fair. This delicious regional dish is either served with panna (cream) or brodo (a delicate and clear stock) and is traditionally eaten on Christmas Day. 

Other treats included my favourite wobbly dessert panna cotta as a ring and the popular chocolate drop cookies and Pan di Stelle biscuits as ear rings. 

These biscuits are often eaten for Italian breakfast along with espresso or cappuccino. 

... and finally, here are cute charms of Italian Harry Potter

* Coffoland photos via their Facebook page

Friday, 10 May 2013

10 Things I've Learned About Love in the Real World

Despite my love of musicals, a year of marriage has shown me that in real life I'm not really one for grand gestures of undying love. I'd go so far as to say that my husband and I are rather a minimalist couple. In fact my husband proposed to me using an imaginary ring and after our civil ceremony last year we simply went for an espresso with a few friends! 

Actually, his casual act of miming a wedding ring seems to have satisfied us both and so we still haven't got around to buying a real one. Somehow I can't help but remember Wendy Cope's words, 'but, look, the flowers you nearly bought have lasted all this while,' and feel relieved that at least an imaginary ring can never fall down a plughole! 

My Husband and I through the eyes of a six year old student

For me, love isn't necessarily about the big gestures although I do love to see them on screen. Instead, it's about how you cope with the little annoyances of daily life and how you get through them together. So, with that in mind, here are a few of my musings as I look back on a year of marriage. 

  • Love is kissing someone when they're full of cold.
  • Love is giving someone fuss even though you suspect that they've probably just got man flu.
  • Love is waking someone up even though they'll be grumpy with you for doing it.
  • Love is pretending you haven't heard the same story several times over
  • Love is giving someone the most succulent part of a roast chicken.
  • Love is knowing how to stop someone snoring without hurting or waking them up.
  • Love is saying 'mmmm delicious' while eating charred or inedible food. 
  • Love is resisting the overwhelming urge to say "I was right all along." 
  • Love is giving someone the cheesiest part of the pasta bake.
  • Love is never going to bed angry or without hugging your partner. It makes the world of difference.

★  ★  ★

So over to you! Are you a romantic? 
How do you define love in the real world?

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