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Salaam, Ciao and Hello! 

I currently work as an English teacher in Bologna, Italy. I teach all ages and abilities, from young children and students to Italian pensioners. Originally from England, I come from a family of shoemakers and Christian ministers, many of whom were missionaries in South America, and during my life I've lived all over the UK, from the top to the bottom. 

I fell in love with Bologna when I studied there as part of a study abroad programme (Erasmus). Naturally, I followed the laws of fiction and fell in love while living abroad. I vowed to come back after completing my degree so that I could get married. I graduated with a BA in English Literature from the University of Leicester and fulfilled my end of the bargain by leaving the UK and moving to Italy.

One day, I found that Islam had become part of my family life when my Turkish husband reverted. I was determined to learn more about my new house guest, and so I began to learn more and studied ‘Women and Islam’ at University and watched endless youtube videos by people like the awesome Nye Armstrong and equally inspiring Amena Khan to find out what drew people to Islam. I began to fast during Ramadan 2011 purely as ‘research’ but ended the Holy month as a fully-fledged Muslim. During the process I'd realized that Islam allowed me to better express a faith in God that I'd always held as a Christian but had never been unable to fully express.

This is my personal blog where I write articles about Italian culture, expat life, and about my experiences as a new Muslim living in a Catholic country. As an EFL teacher, I share tips for teaching English abroad and working with young children. I'm also a regular columnist for the MuslimGirl.net, a site which gives a voice to Muslim women around the world. Hopefully you'll find something that tickles your fancy. 

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  1. hi,
    how are you....i hope you're doing great!
    I've read on a website that contained a interview of yours that you have found somewhere in Bologna a shop that sells Marmite...!
    I was looking for the same thing...can you help me out?
    Sorry if i did bother you and i wish you my best regards...!

    1. Ciao! Always happy to help someone on the hunt for marmite! Basically you can find Marmite in any of the foreign owned supermarkets or shops. There's a chinese supermarket in Via Mascarella (near Via Guido) which sells it. There are little fruit and vegetable shops along Santo Stefano and there's a chinese supermarket past San Donato in Via Del Lavoro (near Via Vestri). They also sell tea, worchester sauce, Horlicks, custard powder and other things too. Have you tried it before? Good hunting!

  2. Hi, I just discovered your blog while I'm thinking of wearing hijab. Thank you :)

    1. Salaam, thanks for leaving a message. I hope the posts on hijab have been helpful to you. You can always message me on fb if you'd like to chat about it : ) take care

  3. Hello, greetings from New York. I came across your blog tonight, after doing an online search for Colomba Easter cakes. After reading some of your entries I thought to myself wow, what an interesting find. I am glad I came across your blog! What a wonderful immersion of culture and from reading about you, I feel you are a very interesting refreshing individual.Goodluck with your journey.

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  7. Hello :) I am a Moroccan Muslim living in England and I am hoping to apply to university to study Anthropology. I've been learning Italian independently and I am already bilingual in English and Arabic.. As I wear the Hijab myself I want to know the realistic aspects of a Muslim living in a country such as Italy as I wish to live abroad possibly...so I wanted to ask whether I could ask you some questions.. ? if you do not mind :)


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